Random Random Trailer
Pavel Khvaleev


A girl from another dimension uses a mysterious function - The RANDOM - to materialize in our world and perform a certain mission. She does not know the aim, she follows her intuition and absolute trust in the Game. On her way to the town she meets different people... those who she has to help... and those who she would better not meet. A pregnant girl with an amazing gift... An insurance agent exploring his dark side... A policewoman dancing flamenco... A man trying to find his daughter he left 20 years ago. Their roles are not random either, in this game called The RANDOM.

  • Direttore: Pavel Khvaleev
  • Cast Principale: Pavel Khvaleev, Evgeniy Khrarmov, Ekaterina Sirotina
  • Sceneggiatura: Igor Preobrazhenskiy