Elemental Elemental Trailer
Gayatri Roshan & Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee


Elemental follows three outsiders who are obsessed by nature and driven by a deep desire to change the status quo. Rajendra Singh, an Indian government official gone rogue, mounts a national crusade to save the Ganges River. Activist Eriel Deranger leads a David and Goliath fight against the oil giants who are destroying her homeland in the Canadian Tar Sands. Australian inventor, Jay Harman, is attempting to halve the world's energy consumption by mimicking natural systems. Separated by continents, each character is part of a global story about water and climate change that goes beyond the issues to reveal the public triumphs and emotional scars of life on the front line.

  • Direttore: Gayatri Roshan, Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
  • Compositore: H. Scott Salinas, Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
  • Cinematografia: Emily Topper
  • Sceneggiatura: Gayatri Roshan

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Box Office

Elemental ha guadagnato un totale di 10 358 dollari dai cinema di tutto il mondo (il botteghino globale).